Chef' Lounge was Founded by Todd Spanier in 2006 while running his company King Of Mushrooms selling foraged mushrooms to all the top chefs in the San Francisco bay area, he developed great friendships with all the chefs but only saw then for a couple minutes when delivering mushrooms so he created a space in his warehouse where Chefs and other likeminded people could meet on the first Monday of every month (Monday typically being a Chefs day off) the first event had 6 people and not all of them came at the same time, but the event grew. after a year of holding them at his warehouse Todd moved to a new warehouse that didn't have a space for the lounge so instead of just stopping the events the members stepped up to offer venues to hold Lounges from that beginning it has grown into a community of over 4,000 members doing many charity events as well as the monthly lounge meetings.


Todd Spanier


Neil Marquis


Nadine Sady